Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google's Animated Doodle Honoring Martha Graham - Frame by Frame

I was struck by the fluidity of movement in today's Google Animated Doodle. The animation celebrates what would have been the 117th birthday of dance and choreography icon Martha Graham. Her work is presented via a sketchily animated dancer who morphs through a series of Graham's signature moves including the shrouded figure from "Lamentation". It's absolutely beautiful. Though Google's logos are always a nice treat this one in particular really impressed me. I had to dig a little deeper and in doing so discovered it is the work of artist Ryan Woodward. His website seems be to partially down  perhaps due to unexpected site traffic but I was able to find a cached illustrations page  as well as a cached short films page showcasing more of his animated shorts. He's definitely one to follow on Twitter
And for the cherry on the sundae take a look at the Google logo frame by frame. Now that's a treat!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunday's Not-So-Daily Doodle

Fiddling with a new pencil my friend suggested. I think I like it. Thanks, Bryan. The top left drawing is a left hand blind contour.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Not-So-Daily doodle

Quick character sketch for a game I am working on with my husband.
This guy will eventually go postal and kick some serious...wait can't give away the plot. ;)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lions and Turtles, and Bears...Oh My!

Earth day Illos in collaboration with Mek Suwannatat.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Who should play you in the movie version of your life?


 Well, CafeMom's Quizmom Quiz asks just this question. I rather like how Cameron and Meryl Streep came out but Latifah is looking a lot like Oprah isn't she?

You know you want a lawn gnome!

Meet (from left to right) Francis, Don Juan, and Paddy Gnome - the latest in a series of gnomes for CafeMom's game Flower Power. I have had a blast dressing up these gnomes for the new contents sections.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sincere Caricature

Joe Bluhm has got to be one of the most refreshing and affable artists I have come across in the longest time. He has so much enthusiasm and love for the art of caricature and shares my appreciation of facial characteristics. Get ready to be inspired. It's definitely very contagious. He offers free tutorials on youtube and has recently published Rejects : the extreme art of retail caricature. I can't wait to pick it up.


How much do I love form? It's funny how much enjoyment I get from recognizing the nuances and intricacies of people's faces. There are crevices and shapes galore just waiting to be sketched and immortalized. Noses, eyes, ears and chins that many would surgically enhance I applaud and find utterly interesting and noteworthy. This enthusiasm is probably why I have such a knack for face recognition. I should have worked in forensics for the police department. For now I will resort to watching CSI:NY.


Visual Journaling

I have recently begun to play with the idea of visual journaling as opposed to just mindless sketching. We shall see where this leads...

1. Family time around the tube has certainly changed over the years. Aurora and John play a video game together one evening.
2. We stayed overnight in a motel that I would like to label "roachy". Next time I will plan the family trip. ;)
3. Picking up Aurora's crayons.
4. John watches TV online.

Logo Sketch - she's sassy!

Once again my obvious love for the silhouette is apparent in this logo sketch for a clothing company specializing in Diabetes awareness . The head of the company ,Hip to Be You, has a great vision to create a community of inspiration for people specifically living with and affected by diabetes. The Movement is building new perceptions and possibilities of lifestyle management with diabetes.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Nudes - Figure Drawing

I used to be quite proud of these until I was able to see the flaws in anatomy. I still think for their time I did I good job.

Self-Portrait in Pastels

This was a self-portrait in pastels for Materials & Methods class in college. I always loved this medium. My teacher back then was Dan Yaccarino, the well-known children's book illustrator with television credits such as Oswald and the Backyardigans. Looking back I wish I had gotten to know my teachers better rather than flirting in the hallways with some silly ex-boyfriend. Dan used to usher me into class practically. Stupid STEWpid youth.

Stuffed Rhino

Here's a sketch I did in the first year of college. It's interesting to look back and see where I was then and what I would do differently now. I believe this was at the Museum of Natural History but don't quote me on that.

They Read ,They Ponder...

Inspired by all the fantastic sketchblogs out there I decided it was time to put up my own. I hope to use this as motivation to continue to grow and learn .
Here are a few older drawings that I had never scanned in and would now like to share. Grumpy Ballerina was a 10-20 minute charcoal drawing. The other two were subway sketches in pen & ink/ pencil while homeward bound.